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  • Automation Makes Metalworking Easier!
    HE coil handling is suitable for:
    • Press Feed
    • High-Speed Feed
    • Circle Blanking
    • Quick Coil Change
    • Laser Cutting
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  • Discover how HE can help you in automated manufacturing
    We support hundreds of industries:
    • Automotive
    • Home Appliances & Electronics
    • Household Products & Outdoor Power Tools
    • Other General Manufacturing
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  • Learn about our full functional coil feeding line
    • Fully automatic and safety operation
    • Handsfree coil loading and threading
    • Backup rollers to carry the separating force loads
    • Smart straightening adjustment
    • Openable upper rolls structure
    • Multiple language capability
  • Check our best seller NC servo feeder
    • Safety operation
    • Multiple control systems for option
    • Segment feeding function
    • Accuracy and reliable feeding performance
    • Reliable mechanical structure 
    • Multiple language capability
  • Experts in manufacturing coil feed line
    • Free technical consulting
    • Personalized coil handling solutions
    • Customized spare parts 
    • After sales service
    • Production line optimization 
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Latest HE Coil Feed News
Unique Coil Handling Solutions For Metalworking
Complete Line
Complete coil feeding line category
Decoiler straightener feeder compact line, Loop coil feed line for general stamping,High-speed coil feeding line, Transfer robotic system, Metal stamping line solutions
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Coil feeding line in specific products manufacturing process
HE coil feed line can be found in many industrial applications, such as automotive,home appliances, electronics, household products, outdoor power tools, stamped markings, signs, warehousing, and logistic…
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Single coil feeding equipment category
Servo feeder, Mechanical roll feeder, High-speed servo feeder, Gripper feeder, Camfeeder, Uncoiler, Double uncoiler, Coil straightener, Stamping press
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Coil feeding line for different coil handling situation
HE provides varieties of coil handling solutions for stamping press feeding, high-speed press feeding, quick coil change, circle blanking, hydraulic press feeding,and laser cutting line…
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Professional Coil Handling Equipment Manufacturer
Our mission is to provide our customers with the very best quality press automation solutions and after-sales service.
HE offers a wide range of coil feeding equipment, including Decoiler, Steel Straightener, Coil Feeder as well as numerous press room automation services for small businesses, mid-sized and large companies. Metal coil processing can be carried out more efficiently and more accurately with a HE Automation Equipment for better reliability, less waste, and improved productivity.
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When choose HE coil feeding line for sheet metal processing, you will always enjoy:
  • Considerate and flexible technical solution
  • Reliable and efficient machine performance
  • All-day and quickly respond services
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