18 03, 2021

Make the perfect surface in electric appliance stamping

2021-03-18T19:14:51+08:00March 18th, 2021|Categories: Equipment quick intro|

How does HE coil handling equipment help you make the perfect stainless steel surface in electric appliance stamping? Stainless steel is widely used in electric appliance manufacturing, as it's easy to clean, rust-resistant, and germ-resistant. The use of stainless steel keeps growing these days, especially for home appliance manufacturing, such as washing machines, grills, dryers, microwaves, coffee machines, and other kitchen electronics. ...

9 03, 2021

Types of high-speed mechanical feeder machines

2021-03-09T15:16:11+08:00March 9th, 2021|Categories: Equipment quick intro|

HE-machine supplies three types of high-speed mechanical feeder machines. There are mechanical roller feeders, mechanical gripper feeders, mechanical gear feeders. Mechanical Roller Feeder A mechanical roller feeder is a conventional coil feeder powered by the press machine. It doesn't need electricity or air supply, which is energy-saving and low costing. You may need some time to install a roller feeder. But when ...

19 02, 2021

Back to work from the holiday! Waiting for your inquiry about the coil feeders!

2021-03-10T15:10:58+08:00February 19th, 2021|Categories: Company News, Daily News|

Dear customers, HE-machine factory is opening! We've back to work this week after the Chinese New Year Holiday. May you have a prosperous new year of Ox. Since the raw material cost increased a lot, we have to adjust the machine price from March. For the February quotations, you can still keep the special holiday price on some of the coil handling equipment. Please contact our ...

28 08, 2020

Why transform ordinary feeder machines to modern servo feeding equipment?

2020-08-28T08:33:41+08:00August 28th, 2020|Categories: Industry Knowledge|

On a production line with a non-automated feeding system, it takes a long time to manually adjust the feeding because the operator must walk back and forth to each side of the production line. Automatic feeding equipment significantly reduces the changes that occur during the shutdown. From adding a manual crank for single-point adjustment to full automation, the operator only needs to click the "start" button, and ...

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