10 04, 2022

Straightener and Uncoiler to Portugal

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When we use progressive die in metal stamping manufacturing, a metal coil sheet or steel plate will be used. As we know, if the material is steel plate, we will adopt a transfer arm to realize automation feeding. But if the material is a metal coil sheet, how do choose the coil handling and feeding systems? 2-IN-1 uncoiler & coil straightener and servo feeder machine are ...

23 03, 2022

Do you know how to choose a suitable type of the metal straightener machine?

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A metal straightener is a virtual machine of metal stamping processing that requires high flatness of the material. The metal straightener machine transforms the surface tension of the material to shape and deform the material to achieve the desired flatness. At present, the metal straightener machine we produce can only flatten the curvature of the longitudinal plane of the strip. Compared with the deformation of the ...

5 03, 2022

Cost Effective 2.2mm Thick Coil Sheet Leveling Feeding Line Delivery to Mexico

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Under 2.2 mm thick coil materials are very widely used in the metal stamping industry. Such as furniture parts, small auto parts, metal buttons, fasteners pressing, and so on. This customer is for producing ergonomic office furniture products in Mexico. They came to us and wanted us to design a complete coil feed line for their narrow coil sheet stamping line. After analysis, hereunder are our ...

14 02, 2022

HE RNC-400H Servo Feeder Delivered to UK for Automotive Stamping

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RNC-400H servo feeder machine, which is the primary metal stamping equipment for coil handling solution, works for 0.6-6.0mm thickness metal coil sheet. Different from other types of servo feeders, this machine has two groups of air cylinders to press the rollers. RNC-H servo feeder has a strong feeding capacity and can feed thick coil sheets efficiently. Generally, servo feeders have a mounting plate used for installation ...

12 01, 2022

Simple coil feeding machines for metal stamping line

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We can use simple coil feeding machines for press feeding for small coils and materials with low stamping speeds. This week, our two sets of light decoiler CR-200, one set of decoiler HS-B1-1, and high precision straightener HS-A1-1 will be delivered to our customer. This customer is the manufacturer of small metal parts and electronic parts. The light decoiler CR-200 is used for decoiling the ...

11 01, 2022

HE Metal Stamping Equipment– Uncoiler Machine

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Uncoiler is a special equipment for sheet metal handling, used for leveling line or metal stamping line of metal coil sheet. Suitable for machinery, vehicles, metal products, household appliances, steel structures, decoration, and other industries. Honger Machine has several decoilers to choose from, including ordinary decoilers, heavy-duty decoilers, light decoilers, and flat decoilers. HE Horizontal Uncoiler Machine The flat decoiler machine is suitable for thin and narrow ...

24 12, 2021

How To Choose A Suitable Decoiler For Metal Coil Feed Line?

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How To Choose A Suitable Decoiler For The Metal Coil Feeding Line? There are many types of material decoiler. When feeding the coil to the press, it is very important to choose a suitable decoiler and feeder machine. Before we choose the decoiler, we must first determine the material information which is used on the metal stamping line. Depending on the thickness and width of the ...

21 12, 2021

HE-MACHINE sponsored “National Day Cup” Youth Football Invitational Tournament

By |2021-12-21T12:09:46+08:00December 21st, 2021|Categories: Company News|

HE-MACHINE has sponsored the second "National Day Cup" Youth Football Invitational Tournament. The football teams come from the youth training system of each district. Therefore, the eight teams were divided into two groups according to different ages. Kevin Zhuang, CEO of HE-MACHINE, said we are delighted to sponsor the "National Day Cup" for the 2021 season. "As a coil handling machinery company based in Shenzhen, with ...

20 12, 2021

HE Metal Stamping Machine–Servo Feeders

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HE Metal Stamping Machine--Servo Feeders HongEr machine equipment offers a press coil feeder machine for the coil stamping line. Our servo feeders can handle various materials like copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, etc. There are two types of servo feeder as a pneumatic release and mechanical release, which can meet different coil feeding speeds required. As we know, a servo roll feeder is a suitable ...

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