From a small maintenance shop to an international coil feeder manufacturer, HE-machine is growing in the change to meet the challenge.

Growing in Change

Three engineers opened a small maintenance shop in 2002, to repair mechanical coil feeders. Thanks to the rich experience in the industry, it gradually gains a good reputation among the stamping companies in this district.

As the business growing up quickly, and the experience accumulation, they cooperated with one of their customers to manufacture coil feeder in 2004. With a reliable mechanical structure and excellent after-sales service, it occupies the local market in a short time as a new coil feeder manufacturer.

At the same time, the requirements of coil handling equipment are updating as the rapid growth of the metal stamping industry in China after entering into WTO. HE expands product range from mechanical coil feeder to servo feeder, as well as uncoilers and straighteners.

In 2007, HE sensitively felt the local market changes that require higher automation equipment. Then HE learns from world-leading brands and starts to innovate on the compact coil feed line.

As the compact coil feed line gained excellent feedback in the domestic market, an independent sales office building in 2012, to expand the international market. During these years, HE-machine has established a strict quality standard that meets the needs of the global market. Now HE machines are running well in 50+ countries.

About-HE-machinecoil feeder manufacturer

From standard coil feeder to customized coil feeding system, HE commits to provide customer-oriented solutions, efficient, safety, saving costs based on ensuring HIGH QUALITY.

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