HE-machine insists on providing quality coil handling equipment from the first beginning. From raw material control, spare parts inspection and machine assembly, our factory implements a strict quality control process. We commit to offer coil handling equipment with working stability, operation safety, and achieve precision straightening and feeding performance.

What does HE do for equipment quality control?

Raw Material Quality Control

The quality of raw materials&spare parts has the most direct impact on the quality and service life of coil handling equipment. Since its establishment, HongEr has consistently implemented a 100% incoming quality control. For example, each straightening rollers have been tested by QC department to ensure a radial runout of less than 0.01mm and a hardness standard in HRC 60±2 degrees.

In-Process Quality Control

Inspection during production is often an easily overlooked part in the machinery manufacturing, but it directly affects production efficiency and product quality. We have manufacturing engineers who specialize in in-process inspections and patrol inspections to ensure assembly is carried out by standard procedures.

Finished Product Quality Control

A series of standard tests are required to ensure the stable operation of machines before delivery of our coil handling equipment. The inspection process varies according to the structure or the control system of each machine.

Follow-up Maintenance

Regular maintenance of coil handling equipment is essential to extend the service life of the machine and improve the efficiency of use. Our technical service team provides routine maintenance, and our customers can agree on the terms of support when purchasing the quality equipment or contact us at any time later.


How’s the quality of HE coil feed equipment?

Working Stability

HE quality equipment has a meager fault rate, which guarantees our excellent reputation in this industry. We implements stress relief, surface treatment and fatigue test strictly, the mechanical parts can run at least ten years. High invested control software program, and international electrical accessories also guarantee stable operation and easy maintenance.

Operation Safety

The most valuable asset of any production is its employees, and their safety is of utmost importance. The full functional compact line is a highly automatic coil feeding system. All the coil handling process is complete by touch screen panel or remote handle, no human operation during coil loading and loop forming, etc. The short line also has a computerized diagnostic system to prevent any emergency operation. The electrical system is customized to the customer’s national requirements to ensure compliance with local safety standards.

Precision Performance

Straightening and feeding performance directly affects the stamping product quality. Gears used in HE-machine quality equipment have accuracy standard ISO1328 Class 6, which is the guarantee for precision straightening. Thanks to the reliable computer control system, the feeding accuracy can reach 0.01mm/min.


What Certificates does HE have?

Equipment Certification

CE: HongEr equipment are conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

Quality Management System

ISO9001: HongEr uses the ISO 9001 standard to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

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