It is really a tough time for our metal stamping industry. Due to the global COVID epidemic, a series of chain reactions have been caused. COVID has impacted human health, economic growth, social development, national security, and international relations. It is a comprehensive challenge, but we believe the world after the epidemic is unlikely to be fundamentally or disruptively different.

From 2020 to 2021, people’s life and industry products have been greatly affected. The lockdown of life and the work breakdown has gradually caused the budget of many metal stamping factories to become tight. As a result, it isn’t easy to develop new projects and expand the production scale.

Difficulties mainly come from the rising production costs, such as raw materials and production equipment, and other factors such as import tariffs, labor costs, ocean freight, etc.
Of course, stamping plants will look for various methods to reduce production costs to ensure the stamping production demands.

From the perspective of our metal stamping equipment supplier, we will also provide our customers with more economical and effective solutions to help them establish a stamping production line that meets their needs within the limited budget.

For the feeding machines(decoiler straightener feeder machine):

For example, when customers use materials with a maximum width of 500 and a thickness of 0.5-4.5mm, normally the suitable 2 in 1 decoiler straightener combo machine type should be the GL-H series. But after fully communicating with customers and understanding the actual customer’s needs, we designed the customized models of 2 in 1 decoiler straightener combo GL-F to meet customer requirements, and the price of GL-F is much lower than that of GL-H.

For the mold/ stamping die:

When customers produce the parts in the same shape and with different lengths, it is also an option to stamp by replacing the inserts on the mold/die. However, this method is only suitable for use in specific situations.
For example, for the fastener with length 176.71mm, width 65mm, and thickness 2mm, by using the replaceable inserts on the mold/die, it is only possible for stamping the parts with the size as follows: Parts Length: from 165mm to 185mm; Parts Width: 65mm; Parts Thickness: 2mm

HongEr is specialized in offering various metal stamping production lines for more than 10 years. Our coil metal stamping machines are exported all over the world and our mission is to supply the most efficient stamping solutions for customers according to their needs.