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5 09, 2022

5 Trends in Press Feed Technology, Easier Operation, Servo Synchronization

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Today, there are at least five press-feed challenges plaguing stamping manufacturers. There is always pressure to increase productivity, but speed cannot come at the expense of quality. Customer requirements for zero defects equate to tighter quality control. Today's press feed equipment has been developed to help presses meet these challenges. I will explain how introducing new feeder capabilities can help punch presses meet these challenges head-on. ...

28 08, 2020

Why transform ordinary feeder machines to modern servo feeding equipment?

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On a production line with a non-automated feeding system, it takes a long time to manually adjust the feeding because the operator must walk back and forth to each side of the production line. Automatic feeding equipment significantly reduces the changes that occur during the shutdown. From adding a manual crank for single-point adjustment to full automation, the operator only needs to click the "start" button, and ...

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