Maintenance & Repair FAQs

Here are some Maintenance & Repair FAQs of the HE-machine. We’re a coil feeders manufacturer that provides a one-year free warranty and lifetime technical support. And the after-sales service includes Installation, On-site Training, Regular Security Checks, Spare Parts Repair, etc. To learn more about our after-sales service, please visit the web page: After-sales Service. For more FAQs, please visit the web page: FAQs.


1 06, 2020

What things need to be checked daily for a servo roll feeder machine?

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Check if all the screws parts are in good condition without loose.Check if the pneumatic tube is ok without leaking.Check if the water filter is dry, if no, please drain water away.Make sure the pressure regulator is setting right, we suggest 3 kg/cm2Lubricate the transmission gears when needed (ISO VG320 ~ VG370)Make sure the extension wiring is ok.Check if the feeding rolls are clean, if no, please ...

1 06, 2020

What will cause the inaccurate feeding of the servo feeder? How to solve?

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Inaccuracy feeding occasionally happens in the metal coil feeding process. Various reasons caused the feeding accuracy problem, HE-machine summarized the leading causes and solutions for the inaccurate feed of NC servo feeder. UNEVEN FEED ROLLER PRESSURE The sheet metal coil will always be biased in one direction because of the uneven feed roller pressure, which will cause inaccurate feeding. What Can Do: If the coil sheet ...

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