Upgraded feeding system with a coil upender

Today, to meet our client’s requirement, we have upgraded this compact press feeding system and changed the traditional trolley to a coil upender trolley, which provides convenience for material uploading. Here is a picture and video for your reference.


  • Coil Width: 50-600mm
  • Coil Thickness: 0.5-4.5mm
  • Coil Weight: 5000kgs

From the picture and video, we could see that the coil upender can turn over automatically. The combined use of the coil upender trolley and the forklift can save time and effectively complete the material uploading.

compact press feeding systems
compact press feeding systems

HE compact press feeding system

So far, most stamping companies have well-known the decoiler straightener feeder 3 in-1 machine. It is often used in progressive die stamping and is indispensable equipment for both light and heavy industries. It integrates three functions of uncoiling, leveling, and feeding. The uncoiler part and the straightener feeder part adopt a connected design. The total length of the fuselage is 3.2-4.6 meters, with a compact structure and small footprint.

Main features of Uncoiler part:

  • The mandrel adopts the hydraulic expansion method to save time and labor;
  • The pneumatic pressing arm cooperates with the disc brake device to ensure that the material is not dispersed during production;
  • The coil-keeping arms fix the material, which is convenient for material loading and unloading;
  • The support arm holds up the material. It is convenient to feed the material into a straightener feeder machine.
  • The start and stop of the material rack are controlled by the photoelectric sensor, which fundamentally avoids the scratch on the material’s surface.

Main features of straightener feeder part:

  • It is equipped with a folding arm to press the coil head to make the coil into a straightener feeder smoothly and quickly.
  • The straightener feeder rollers are eccentric structures adjusted by worm and gear. At the same time, an electric adjustment is an option that will be more convenient to operate.
  • The high rigidity mechanical structure cooperates with the Mitsubishi servo control system to ensure high precision feeding.
  • Humanized operating system: 7-inch Mitsubishi touch screen display.

With the expansion of our business, in the past years, our press feeding systems have been exported to North America and received well. Please talk with us now to find a suitable coil feeding system for your stamping applications!