Metal Stamping Lubrication System is one of the unignored aspects of a metal stamping process. Without proper lubrication, the metal forming process will quickly cause wear, scratches, and cracking of parts due to excessive wear. In addition, it will lead to increased scrap, premature tool wear, etc.

As one of the suppliers of stamping peripheral equipment, HE can help you with a professional lubrication application system.

What do we need to know before making a suitable Metal Stamping Lubrication System proposal?

There are several important considerations when choosing a lubrication system for your metal stamping, for example:

  • Material width and thickness
  • Running speed of press machine
  • Lubricating oil type/lubricating oil viscosity
  • Mold gap
  • Lubrication location
coil feeder lubrication system
metal stamping lubrication system
spray type lubrication

Different Types of Metal Stamping Lubrication System

  • Roller Type Lubrication
    The roller coating machine spreads to the roller and then spreads and is displayed as the roller rotates.
    It is ideal for those that need to apply light or heavy oil evenly on the entire coil, lubricating the top and bottom if necessary.
  • Airless Type Lubrication
    In some cases, the lubricant may be lost when the material passes through the progressive die. By the airless spraying device, it helps to eject more lubricants. (supplement or precise lubricating)
    Its application is more flexible, whether you want to lubricate the coil area or mold or program the spray frequency of each site.
  • Low-Pressure Mist Type Lubrication
    The low-pressure misting machine distributes oil into a low-speed airflow to form a light coating with heavy droplets, not fog the work area. The entire circuit is controlled by electronics and can be programmed using a PLC.
    It’s perfect for high-speed stamping that requires a consistent light coating, such as electronic components and some roll forming operations.

HE Can Help to Choose the Right Lubrication System

Good lubrication in stamping operations is essential. If you are unsure which system is best for your application, come to HE machine to find the best solution.