Coil straightener machine for thin material HS-A1

An advanced coil straightener machine is essential for a precision metal stamping line or coil processing line. HE-machine offers different options depends on our customer-specific production requirements. For example, the openable leveling structure like the photo right HS-A1 series.

This straightener machine can level steel thickness from 0.3mm to 1.2mm and coil width from 20mm to 300mm. In addition, a pneumatic cylinder can lift the upper roller side for easy cleaning and maintenance.

coil straightener HE-MACHINE

The leveling process

The metal coil head enters into the straightener machine from the left side. And the inlet side of the straightener has a pair of adjustable coil keepers to locate the coil side. We usually adjust the two coil keepers’ distance to a little wider than the coil width.

Then, the metal coil enters into the leveling structure. This coil straightener machine has 15pcs leveling rollers in diameter 30mm, with seven over eight arrangements for precision straightening performance.
The roller pressure is spring type, with four points fine adjustment.

Different from the standard model, this straightener has an openable leveling structure. An air cylinder can open the upper roller side for easy cleaning and maintenance, essential for some material leveling, such as copper, ss, etc.

Regarding the equipment operation, it’s easy for the working staff to learn. For example, in the manual model, we can use forward and reverses buttons to repeatedly adjust the leveling pressure to achieve the desired leveling effect. In addition, there is a speed adjustment knob, which can alter the leveling speed from zero to fifteen meters per minute in the automatic model. As for the abnormal conditions, the equipment will stop automatically. We can also press the emergency stop button if any faulty happens.

After straightening the metal coil, The metal strip comes out from the outlet side. Same as the inlet side, the outer side has two coil keepers to locate the coil side. And there is a contact sensor bar to detect the material loop from the straightener to the next workstation. Different from the primary straightener series, it has an inverter for variable speed control.

Coil straightener machine video

Please get in touch with us if you have any steel straightening requirements for your production line. HE-machine team is ready to help you to find the most suitable coil straightener machine for you.