Dual decoiler (Double decoiler, Double ended coil reel, twin decoiler machine) is an ideal choice for the sheet metal processing needs a quick coil change. When the one uncoiler spindle is working, the other one can set up with a new coil, which achieves a non-stop metal coil processing line.

This double-ended decoiler has heavy duty weld steel base for a stable structure. The spindle expansion is a hydraulic type, with loading capacity 3tons per side. Pneumatic hold-down arms on each side can prevent the metal strips springing back. Delta inverter achieves AC variable speed control, and a variable speed loop control helps a smooth strip feeding to straightener machine.

It can process metal coil width in 200mm, with uncoiling speed 16m/min. HongEr also offers double decoiler in 60m/min uncoiling speed. Contact us for more details.

Detail shots of double ended coil reel in operation: