Most of the feeding & coil handling equipment in automotive structural parts stamping is a compact servo straightener feeder system. It has a wide range of coil handling capacity for automotive metal material, such as high strength steel leveling up to 12mm. Moreover, the operation safety level is much higher than the conventional coil lines, which meets the automation production requirements.

The video below is a HongEr compact coil feeding line GLK4 for the BYD automotive structural parts stamping. It can handle metal coil stock in 600mm width and up to 6.0mm thickness.

Feeding & coil handling equipment line video

Feeding & coil handling equipment introduction

A strong hydraulic expansion decoiler mandrel can load the coil stock up to 5tons. In the meantime, there are multiple coil arms for safety and smoothly decoiling operation. First is the pneumatic coil pressing arm with a motor wheel. It helps to add pressure on the coil surface to avoid coil strip spreading. Together with the pressing arm, a coil hold-up arm helps the coil exchange and loading. There is a coil guide assembly made by two rotation rollers and a manual adjusting slideway. The two rotation rollers help locate the coil stock in the feeding & coil handling equipment.

After the coil is uncoiling from the decoiler part, a swing arm helps the coil head enter the servo straightener feeder part. And it’s a pneumatic drive swing arm with steel rolls, can open or close. Now it’s the showtime of the servo straightener feeder part. HE-machine offers a tailored straightener structure for different coil feeding applications to get a machine that perfectly matches the production and saves equipment cost. In this case, we add back up rollers for higher straightening performance and offer a manual straightening rolls gap adjusting system for the customer to save cost. Additionally, a hydraulic shear can cut the coil stock head and tail for quick production preparation.

If you’re considering a press feeding & coil handling equipment for the production, come to get HongEr engineers’ advice.