A new coil feeding line GLK4-1600H for high strength steel stamping has been delivered and installed to our customer’s workshop this week!

It’s a coil handling system that combines uncoiling, straightening, feeding, cutting, and lubricating function, can process high strength metal coil of 600Mpa yield strength, thickness from 0.6mm to 6.0mm, processing coil width up to 1600mm.

This decoiler part has a loading capacity of 15tons, can handling coil inner diameter for both 508mm and 610mm standard. The coil car is not only for coil loading, but also equipped with wear resistance rolls for smoothing uncoiling assist. The two support rolls can run in a synchronization speed with the uncoiler mandrel.

All the auxiliary parts such as pressing arm, support arm, limiting arm, and coil inlet swing arm are pneumatically or hydraulic powered with electric control.

The straightening part is pneumatic cylinder pressure and releases, with electric straightening value adjustment. There are 7pcs of straightening rolls equipped in the straightener part, with 3 groups of assist rolls for precision straightening performance without metal sheet bending.

For more details about coil feeding line for high strength steel stamping, contact us now!