A new decoiling machine is loading from HE-machine, and it will be delivered to France soon. Unlike our standard decoiler series, it’s a customized heavy duty decoiler machine with a coil loading trolley device and has a higher loading weight capacity.

In the first place, the uncoiler mandrel is a HE-machine designed wedge structure. The decoiler mandrel is a critical part of a decoiling machine, determining the equipment quality and service life. And the wedge structure mandrel has not only a powerful loading capacity but also a safe operation and stabilized performance.

Then, the decoiler brake system is implemented pneumatic disc brake for quick response and safety operation protection.

Also, it equips a trolley to load the coil quickly. Thanks for the four limit block arms, it loads 1000mm wide steel coil without safety risk. Then the trolley is lifting by a hydraulic cylinder with smooth movement by a pressure holding valve control.

decoiling machine control box

As for the electric control system, it equips the Schneider circuit-breakers for safety circuit protection. Then Delta inverter helps for the variable speed control. The decoiling speed is about 20m per minute.

Simultaneously, a simple removable handle can process all the above operations, automatically and safely. From coil car up/down to mandrel expansion/contraction, the worker can watch the machine status and operate efficiently. Moreover, HE-machine provides different operating devices in multiple languages.

Since each production line has its coil processing request, please contact us to see which type of decoiling machine will be suitable for your application.

Decoiling machine video

Equipment Specifications

  • Machine Model: MT-1000H
  • Loading Weight Capacity: Max. 8tons
  • Applicable Material Width: Max. 1000mm
  • Decoiler Mandrel: Wedged Structure
  • Mandrel Expansion: Hydraulic Type
  • Decoiler Braker System: Pneumatic disc brake
  • Variable Speed Control: Delta inverter
  • Loading Trolley Car: Hydraulic driving, V-shape surface
  • Loop Sensor: Standalone contact sensor rack