Metal buttons are one of the most common button types used in the clothing industry. Zinc and brass material is the most used because of good durability.

To stamp the desired shape of metal buttons, it needs a pallet decoiler to uncoil the brass coil material first. The flat type decoiler machine is suitable for thin material in small inner diameter. It can stack four coils in 150mm width, with inverter for variable speed control. Then, a mechanical roller feeder helps the coil material enter into the stamping punch machine. Mechanical roll feeder is perfect for small pitch feeding in the high-speed punching line, it has stable performance and saves cost.

High Speed Metal Button Stamping Punching Line1

Cooperated with high-quality coil feeding equipment, HongEr also supplies reliable small tonnages press machines and molds to provide our customers with a turnkey stamping line solution. To know more about new plant planning and equipment upgrades, please contact us now!

  1. Pallet Decoiler FU-1000
  2. Mechanical Roll Feeder RF-105NS
  3. High Speed Press Machine RC-25
  4. Metal Button Moulds

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