Here are two IKEA steel furniture parts stamping lines which have been delivered to Europe several months ago. Meanwhile, each furniture parts stamping line equips a combined decoiler straightener machine, a servo coil feeder, an 80ton gap frame press, and progressive stamping die.

Combined decoiler straightener for steel furniture parts stamping line

Why the combined decoiler straightener is a perfect choice for a common steel furniture parts stamping line?
Because it has a vide applicable material range for steel furniture parts. More importantly, it saves the length of the material loop and reduces the stamping line workspace.

The decoiler mandrel expansion is a manual operation, and it uses leveling part to pull the material loop. And the leveling rollers are high-quality GCr15 steel with complex hardness treatment, which have very stable leveling performance.

Meanwhile, the leveling rollers are pneumatic type pressure, with worm gear adjustment. So the roller gap distances are adjusted by handwheel. Besides, it has a contact sensor for loop speed control.

Servo roll feeder for steel furniture parts stamping line

A servo roll feeder is a common coil processing equipment for the stamping line. As the feeding signal will be connected to and controlled by the press machine, it has a stable and quick response for automatic working.

Meanwhile, the servo roll feeder has a pneumatic release system, with a feeding speed of up to 20m per minute. And the Mitsubishi PLC is easy to operate and has stable performance. Besides, it has a wide range of applicable steel thicknesses, suitable for most steel furniture parts stamping lines.

Gap frame press machine and progressive dies

Gap frame press, also called a C-frame press, has frame-shaped like the letter “C” from the side view, with the operator side completely open. We offer the gap frame press machine from 25 tons to 200 tons, with high production capacity and precision performance for steel furniture parts stamping lines. HE-machine cooperated with stamping die factory to provide our customer with one-stop stamping solutions and full line service.

Stamped steel furniture parts

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