Servo feeder straightener coil handling system is the trend in nowadays metal stamping applications. Due to the high labor costs and higher safety protection requirements, It has become a trusted automation choice among our customers in metal parts stamping lines.

Servo feeder straightener introduction

The servo feeder straightener machine in the video below is ready to deliver. It’s made for one of the well-known hardware and furniture fittings manufacturers in Europe. The coil handling system model is HE GLK3-600. And it has a wide range of coil straightening capacity and high automation operation. In other words, it is capable of handling coil material from 0.5mm to 4.5mm, and 600mm stock width. And the whole coil handling system is controlled by a touch screen console.

Why the HE GLK3 series is a popular coil handling system for home application and hardware stamping applications? A stamping line needs to punch different kinds of products most of the time, for example, in different lengths, width, and shape. And the servo feeder straightener machine is a perfect choice for multiple product stamping since it has memory functions and easy to operate to save manufacturing preparation time.

The coil stock can easily load by a hydraulic coil car. With penumatic coil hold-down arm and guide roller assembly, it can be threading smooth to straightener part. Secondly, the decoiler part has a strong base to load 5ton coil stock and has a pneumatic disc brake.

straightener feeder coil handling system glk3

With a stable and precision straightener feeder part, the machine can feed metals trip in accuracy ±0.15mm. Moreover, this coil handling system conducts a Mitsubishi control and Yaskawa servo drive system. And it is a reliable electric system in the industry for many years. The quick response and stabilized performance gain excellent feedback during the years.

Running video

Coil handling system customization and consult

HE-machine can offer multiple types of servo feeder straighteners for your specific product stamping. For example, stronger press arms for springy material, openable straightening part for sensitive material, etc. For more details about how to choose the most suitable servo feeder straightener machine, please contact our sales engineers now!