How to optimize the stamping workshop space? One answer is to be upgraded to a HongEr coil feed line. This is a customer that uses the traditional coil feed line which occupied 8 meters space in length for a single stamping line. Increased equipment leads to insufficient plant space, so they asked HongEr to supply a coil feeding line with less space needed at an affordable price.

Combined uncoiler leveler machine, with precision leveling performance to save workspace

The uncoiler part is passive with band brake, it has manual spindle expansion with easy operation. As for the leveling part, it’s pneumatic type release upper leveling rollers. The handwheel can process a precision leveling rollers adjustment.

Accuracy feeding servo roll feeder machine

The servo coil feeder is HongEr standard type with the Yaskawa servo system. It’s pneumatic type feed roller release for accuracy steel strip feed. With international standard electric parts, it ensures safety electronic control.

Space-saving conventional coil line