In today’s fiercely competitive manufacturing industry, efficient, precise, and cost-effective production equipment is the key to business success. We introduce to you the RNC-300 thin material servo feeder from our HE-MACHINE company, a machine that has elevated our Indonesian clients’ production lines to new heights of precision and efficiency.

Product Highlights

Ultimate Feeding Precision: The RNC-300 thin material servo feeder can accurately handle materials with a thickness of just 0.2mm, opening up a realm of finer manufacturing for you. Whether it’s complex electronic components or delicate metal parts, it manages with ease.

High-Efficiency Pneumatic Feeding: Leaving behind the inefficiency and instability of traditional manual feeding, our equipment adopts advanced pneumatic feeding technology. This innovation not only greatly improves feeding efficiency, reaching up to 20 meters per minute, but also significantly enhances the finished product rate while substantially reducing production costs, allowing your production benefits to make a quantum leap.

The Perfect Fusion of Precision and Speed: In the fast-paced manufacturing industry, speed without precision is meaningless. However, the RNC-300 seamlessly integrates these two critical factors. With a feeding speed of up to 20 meters per minute, it’s not just fast but accurate. This machine ensures that your production line meets market demands without compromising quality.

Company Advantages

At HE-MACHINE, we take pride in being able to provide customized solutions for unique applications. Our team of experts is always ready to understand your specific needs and offer the most suitable stamping automation solutions. Whether it’s the RNC-300 servo feeder or a customized setup, we can make your manufacturing process smoother and more efficient.

Service Commitment

We understand that quality equipment is only part of success,considerate service is equally crucial. No matter what issues you encounter during use, our professional after-sales team is always ready to provide you with comprehensive support and assistance. We will tailor the most suitable stamping automation solutions according to your unique application needs, ensuring your production process flows smoothly.

If you are troubled by production efficiency, finished product quality, and cost control, consider choosing the RNC-300 thin material servo feeder from HE-MACHINE. Let’s work together to create a brilliant future! For any assistance, please feel free to contact us.