Precision steel coil straightener HS-A0-3

The photo below is a precision steel coil straightener HS-A0-3 for thin plates; we also call it a leveler. It is suitable for materials with a thickness of 0.1-0.6mm and a width of 300mm with 19 correction wheels, each diameter: ᶲ20mm.

precision steel coil straightener
precision steel leveler

To produce the excellent punching parts, we will use the straightener to level the material after the decoiler and relieve stress. Use a HE-machine straightener machine; you can correct the curved material to flat.

We have the whole series of the straightener, such as
Precision straightener HS-A1 (0.2-1.2mm),
S-Loop Straightener HS-S1 (0.3-1.2mm),
Precision straightener HS-B4 (0.5-6.0mm),
Precision straightener HS-A0 (0.1-0.6mm),
Conventional straightener HS-B2 (0.1-0.6mm)

Compared to other series, the precision steel coil straightener HS-A0 is suitable for Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum, CR Steel, HR Steel, Galvanized Steel, and other thin metal materials. It uses the universal joints independent transmission method instead of gear meshing transmission, with excellent leveling performance. High-quality GCr15 straightener rolls, 19pcs, hardness reach HRC60±2, wear resistance, Delta inverter speed control for high precision leveling.

The straightening machine generally works with the decoiler and the feeder to form a good stamping material. And then transport it to the punch and punch out the corresponding hardware. However, at present, this leveling machine can only level the curvature of the longitudinal plane. Therefore, we cannot level the deformation of the cross-section of the material.

How do you choose a suitable precision steel coil straightener?

Firstly you can contact our sales to check the specification; we usually need to know the material composition, coil thickness, and the straightener capacity requirement. Then, learn more about your decoiler, feeder, and press machine is better. Our straightener machines are widely used in the automotive industry, metal manufacturing industry, metal stamping industry, furniture parts production industry, CNC processing, etc. So please don’t hesitate to contact us!