Introducing the pinnacle of precision and efficiency: the advanced 600mm dual-servo feeder

This cutting-edge feeder is designed to meet the demands of contemporary manufacturing for superior efficiency and precision. The 600mm high speed dual servo feeder is designed to provide stability and excellent throughput when handling large volumes of material. Dual servo drive technology embedded in the system delivers unparalleled accuracy and fast response times, setting new standards for infeed operations.

Seamless integration with extra-wide work surface punch presses

The setup works seamlessly with the high-speed press, which has a 3700mm wide work surface, making it easy to manage a variety of stamping tasks. The press is designed with a focus on user-friendly operation and simplified maintenance without compromising its ability to deliver high productivity and excellent stamping quality.

Innovating the core production of new energy drive motors

This high-speed stamping production line is specially tailored for the production of new energy drive motor cores and uses advanced 0.25mm ultra-thin material processing technology. This innovation creates lightweight and efficient motor components that are critical to the next generation of new energy vehicles. The production line embodies the fusion of cutting-edge materials science, precision engineering and automation technology, which together enhance the performance and market competitiveness of new energy vehicle motors.

Reduce costs and maintain sustainability

The excellent efficiency and automation level of this production line help to significantly reduce the production cost of new energy vehicle motor cores. In addition, it simplifies the production cycle and can quickly respond to the growing market demand for new energy vehicles. By optimizing the production process, the line improves material utilization and minimizes energy consumption and waste generation. These efforts are an important part of advancing the green and sustainable development agenda of the new energy vehicle industry.

Device details

Decoiler with coil car: Streamlines the loading and unloading process, minimizing operational losses and enhancing efficiency.

S loop straightener: The S-shaped configuration ensures rapid and precise leveling, eliminating material unevenness and reducing the potential for significant errors.

Double servo system coil feeder: Positioned at both ends of the punch table and connected to the machine via rotary transformers, one feeder pulls while the other feeds, maintaining a stable high-speed operation that enables continuous, swift stamping and markedly improves production efficiency.

H type high speed stamping press: This integral cast component, having undergone natural stress relief, is engineered for enduring stability and high-speed performance, ensuring reliable operation over extended periods.

End-Equipped Scissor System: Facilitates the cutting of waste materials, simplifying collection and preparing for secondary processing.