When shall we transit metal fabrication to stamping?

In the beginning, we should figure out the advantages of metal stamping and what do we need to prepare.

Unlike the traditional fabrication method, metal stamping is an effective way for flat sheet metal parts production. Generally, a metal stamping line will be suitable when there is a large demand for metal parts. However, to build a full metal stamping line, stamping tooling is necessary to invest in, which will increase the cost.

Before building a metal stamping line, let’s learn more information about the stamping advantages. This is important for every stamper.

Metal Stamping Advantages

Compared with metal fabrication, metal stamping can save labor costs. With a progressive stamping line, the production capacity is 20-100 pieces per minute. While, for hand fabrication tools, such as single and multiple-station stage tools, production capacity is probably 80-180 pieces per hour. So if production capacity is high volume, building a progressive die stamping line is a good choice.

Investment in Metal Stamping

Progressive stamping an automatic production line with decoiler, straightener, feeder, and press machine.
To start production with such metal stamping equipment, we have to design stamping tooling first. Some complex and precision metal parts will require high technical and many processes, making stamping cost highly.
Except stamping tooling, the high cost is from the press machine. There are precision press machines and high-speed press machines to suit different metal parts. Normally, thin and precision metal parts like terminal, lamination, eyelet, and button will require a high-speed press equipped with a fast feeder machine. And other mid-thin or thicker metal parts like furniture, construction, and automotive metal parts will require a normal speed press machine.

Metal Stamping Case Studies

To summarize, if your metal parts have a large capacity required, a progressive stamping line will help you to increase efficiency and save labor costs.

I hope this article can help you to learn about metal stamping.