In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, the demand for high-strength steel is on the rise across various sectors like rail transit and aerospace. This case study explores how our advanced coil feeding and cutting line was tailored to meet the specific needs of a valued customer.

Material Versatility

In this case, our customer need to handle a wide range of coil sizes, from 300mm to 1850mm in width, and material thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 3.0mm. These coils boasted impressive tensile strengths of up to 820Mpa and weighed up to 25 tons each. Additionally, the production line had to operate at a rapid speed of 100m/min.

Streamlining Operations High-Strength Coil Feed Cut to Length Line

Smart Solutions

To address these challenges, we designed a specialized coil feed line that seamlessly combined precision leveling with cutting capabilities. Our decoiling section features a powerful 45KW SEW motor, ensuring smooth unwinding of heavy coils. Safety was paramount, so we implemented features like independent coil shaft support racks and a dual pneumatic brake system for secure uncoiling.

Efficient Operations

Once unwound, the steel effortlessly enters the leveling section with the help of coil threading rollers. Here, a robust 132KW driving system and electrical roller gap adjustment enable precise leveling. Specifically tailored for high-strength steels, our system boasts nine top and ten bottom rollers for optimal performance. A Siemens servo system ensures accurate feeding and detection, while the hydraulic cutter operates at 6spm speed with a reliable collection system.

Streamlining Operations High-Strength Coil Feed Cut to Length Line
Streamlining Operations High-Strength Coil Feed Cut to Length Line

Comprehensive Features

Beyond the core components, our solution includes an independent electrical cabinet, loop bridge, laminating device, conveyor system, and stacking mechanism. Safety is ensured through the incorporation of safeguarding measures, prioritizing operational integrity.

Continual Innovation

We are dedicated to ongoing innovation, constantly refining our solutions to meet the evolving needs of the industry. Clients receive real-time production updates and detailed insights, fostering transparency and trust.

At HE-machine, we are committed to delivering solutions that enhance efficiency and performance. For those seeking a reliable and user-friendly coil feeding line for high-strength steel processing, look no further. Contact us today to discover how we can streamline your operations.