2 in 1 uncoiler straightener

30 08, 2022

Coil feed line for stamping blanking production

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The following case is one of our customized coil feed solutions that combine 2 in 1 uncoiler-straightener GL-600H and a servo feeder NCF-600H for a stamping blanking production line. The general process of blanking production or progressive die stamping line is: Coil loading on trolley Coil loading to decoiler part Decoiling and threading Straightening Feeding Stamping blanking or progressive die stamping Here we take ...

10 04, 2022

Straightener and Uncoiler to Portugal

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When we use progressive die in metal stamping manufacturing, a metal coil sheet or steel plate will be used. As we know, if the material is steel plate, we will adopt a transfer arm to realize automation feeding. But if the material is a metal coil sheet, how do choose the coil handling and feeding systems? 2-IN-1 uncoiler & coil straightener and servo feeder machine are ...

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