The coil feeder has two groups of devices on the opposite sides to clamp the metal strip and feed it into a press machine or other metal strip working station. For example, the roller feeder uses two groups of rollers, gripper feeder use two groups of clamps. And HE-machine supplies quality press feeders for your specific application:

servo feeder

RNC Servo Roller Feeder

The RNC series servo roll feeder has pneumatic upper roller release, with Yaskawa or Siemens servo system for options…

NCF Servo Roller Feeder

The NCF feeder adopts a mechanical upper roller release system, which has a stable and fast working performance…


NCP Zigzag Coil Feeder

The NCP zigzag feeder is suitable for the coil feeding process in blanking lines and multi-stage stamping lines…


GCF Cam Feeder

The GCF cam feeder is suitable for the stamping line that requires high speed and high precision coil feeding…


RF Mechanical Roll Feeder

The RF series feeder has stable feeding performance, which applicants a wide range of stamping processes…


GS Gripper Coil Feeder

The GS gripper feeder is suitable for stamping lines that require high-speed processing and high-precision feeding…

AF Air Feeder

The air feeder is an efficient and economical feeder solution for power press machines…

How many types of coil feeder do you have?

HE-machine provides different press coil feeders for specific applications. It has two main categories: servo feeders and mechanical feeders.

Firstly, in the servo roll feeder category, we have a standard servo roll feeder suitable for most metal stamping lines. And then, there is a zigzag feeder specially designed for blanking line and multi-station stamping.

Secondly, in the mechanical feeder category, we have a high-speed mechanical roll feeder for small parts production, like metal buttons eyelets. Meanwhile, there is also a high-speed gripper feeder for terminal stamping lines and high-speed cam feeders for lamination stamping.

If you’re not sure what type of coil feeders suitable for your production, please contact us for help.

Can your coil feeder feed plastic strip?

It depends on what type of plastic strip and the feeding requirements. We’ve made some customized feeders for plastic material. Please contact us to get full details.

Can your coil feeder work for wire coils?

It depends on specific feeding requirements and wire materials. We’ve made some changes to the feed rollers to feed the wire coils in the previous customer case. Please contact us to get full pictures and discuss how we can help with your application.

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