The mechanical feeder is easy to operation, has stable feeding performance, which application a wide range of continuous stamping processes.


Applicable Material

  • Material Thickness: 0.1 mm – 3.5 mm
  • Coil Width: <400mm

Feeding Performance

  • Feeding Precision ±0.05mm, can reach ±0.01mm when use guide pin
  • Feeding speed up to 500SPM


It does not need electric or air supply, the energy source is from the press machine. Also, it has a super low failure rate and easy in maintenance.

RF is HongEr mechanical roller feeder machine, ideal for high-speed production, such as a metal button stamping line. It can feeds metal strip thickness from 0.1mm to 3.5mm, with feeding speed up to 500SPM.


ModelMax. Coil WidthMax. Feed LengthCoil ThicknessMould Height
RF-105NS100 mm50 mm0.1-1.6 mm55-100 mm
RF-205NS200 mm50 mm0.1-1.6 mm55-100 mm
RF-305NS300 mm50 mm0.1-1.6 mm55-100 mm
RF-405NS400 mm50 mm0.1-1.6 mm55-100 mm
RF-138NS130 mm80 mm0.1-1.6 mm60-120 mm
RF-1310NS130 mm100 mm0.1-3.5 mm70-140 mm
RF-2010NS200 mm100 mm0.1-3.5 mm70-140 mm
RF-3010NS300 mm100 mm0.1-3.5 mm70-140 mm
RF-4010NS400 mm100 mm0.1-3.5 mm70-140 mm
RF-2015NS200 mm150 mm0.1-3.5 mm70-140 mm
RF-3015NS300 mm150 mm0.1-3.5 mm70-140 mm
RF-4015NS400 mm150 mm0.1-3.5 mm70-140 mm
RF-1320NS130 mm200 mm0.1-3.5 mm70-140 mm
RF-2020NS200 mm200 mm0.1-3.5 mm70-140 mm
RF-3020NS300 mm200 mm0.1-3.5 mm70-140 mm
RF-4020NS400 mm200 mm0.1-3.5 mm70-140 mm


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