decoiler straightener CL

Applicable Material

  • Thickness: 0.4 mm – 2.2 mm
  • Coil width: 20 mm – 400 mm
  • Coil I.D.: 50-530 mm
  • Coil O.D.: 1000 mm
  • Coil Weight: 0-500kgs
  • Type: CR steel, HR steel, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel, Copper, Aluminum…


  • A perfect choice for small coils, such as copper, aluminum…
  • Two adjustable metal baffles fix the coil position
  • Pressure plate with springs for leveling adjustment
  • Wear-resistance quality straightening rollers
  • Contact sensor bar
  • Easy operation manual button on the control box
  • Low maintenance rate
  • Reliable working performance


Max. Coil Width150 mm200 mm300 mm400 mm
Material Thickness0.4-2.2 mm0.4-2.2 mm0.4-2.2 mm0.4-2.2 mm
Coil I.D.50-530 mm50-530 mm50-530 mm50-530 mm
Coil O.D.1000 mm1000 mm1000 mm1000 mm
Loading Capacity300 kgs400 kgs450 kgs500 kgs
Straightener RollersØ52mm*7pcsØ52mm*7pcsØ52mm*7pcsØ52mm*7pcs