The passive double decoiler machine is suitable for high-speed press feeding in lamination production, and small roll forming line decoiling.


Applicable Material

  • Thickness: 0.1 mm – 2.0mm
  • Coil Width: 20 mm – 400 mm
  • Type: Silicon steel, Lamination steel, Carbon steel…
  • Coil I.D.: 508mm/400mm/610mm
  • Coil O.D.: 1200mm/1400mm/1600mm

Decoiling Speed

  • Up to 60m/min


  • The double decoiler machine is a non-motorized operation. It has no motor and passively decoiling by the straighteners or feeders in the next workstation.

  • The brake system of this double decoiler machine is a band brake with the handwheel.

  • When the metal coil of one side is used up, it has a footplate to switch the decoiler side for quick coil change.

  • The coil locating device is a group of “A” type metal frames, with four or eight pieces.

  • HE-machine offers different specification customization for the double decoiler machine, such as the loading weight, inner and outer diameter, etc. Please contact us for more details.


Coil Width200 mm300 mm400 mm
Material Thickness0.1 mm – 1.6 mm0.1 mm – 1.6 mm0.1 mm – 1.6 mm
Coil I.D.450-530 mm450-530 mm450-530 mm
Coil O.D.1200 mm1200 mm1200 mm
Coil Weight500 kgs per side1000 kgs per side1500 kgs per side
Spindle ExpansionManual ExpansionManual ExpansionManual Expansion
BrakeBand BrakeBand BrakeBand Brake


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