Pallet decoiler or horizontal decoiler machine is a type of decoiler device that used contact sensors for loop control to uncoiling a narrow metal strip.

FU-2000 pallet decoiler

Applicable Material

  • Material thickness: 0.1 mm to 1.0 mm
  • Metal Strip Width: 0.1 mm to 150 mm
  • Coil Loading Weight: <2500kgs
  • Material Type: Steel, Aluminum, Copper etc.

Uncoiling Speed

  • 0-24m per minute
  • Variable speed control

Features of Pallet Decoiler

A horizontal decoiler is ideal for high-speed uncoiling for thin sheet metal. It adopts a parallel traverse structure with a low gravity center and suitable for narrow coils.

This decoiler can stock 4pcs of 150mm width coil at one time; loading weight reaches 2500kg. And it’s suitable for most kinds of small inner diameter coil.

It equips a Delta inverter for variable speed control, with the contact sensor for loop control, it will protect the thin and sensitive metal strip from pull damage. The uncoiling speed can reach 24m per minute.

This decoiler is ideal for coil uncoiling in terminals stamping, metal buttons, and small electrical parts production lines. Not only in the metal stamping line but also the uncoiling of other metal coil handling processes, pallet decoiler is a popular decoiler machine type for metal coil handling.

According to different uncoiling processes, HE-machine customized many kinds of horizontal decoiler for our customers’ application. Please contact our sales for full details.

Specification of Pallet Decoiler

Max. Coil Width150 mm150 mm150 mm
Coil Thickness0.1 mm – 1.0 mm0.1 mm – 1.0 mm0.1 mm – 1.0 mm
Loading Weight500 kgs800 kgs1500 kgs
Max. Loading Height600 mm600 mm600 mm
Max. Coil O.D.800 mm1000 mm1200 mm
Feeding Speed24 m/min24 m/min24 m/min
Motor0.5 HP1 HP2 HP

Pallet Decoiler Cases

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