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HE-machine believes that providing systematic and comprehensive coil machinery service plays an essential role in the metal fabrication industry.

Coil Machinery Service Category

Firstly, the technical consulting services are free of charge for all the customers. No matter if you are in the metal stamping field for decades or new to this industry, HE-machine is committed to finding the most suitable coil solution for you.

Secondly, our engineers are able for global coil machinery service, including equipment installation, on-site training, and production line optimization, etc.

Moreover, HE supplies related product service in low margins. The related products are safety barriers, error detection devices, and quick die change systems, etc. These are not for profit, but for better coil machinery service, to help our customers save purchase costs.

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free technical consulting Coil Machinery Service

Free Technical Consulting

A professional consulting service is free for all customers. From problem finding, project evaluation, feasibility tests, to after-sales personal technical specialist support…

personalized coil feed solutions

Personalized Coil Solution

According to your specific application, HE-machine will offer personalized coil handling solutions with stable and reliable performance. Click to find out what can HE do for you, and how does HE help…

customized spare parts

Customized Spare Parts

Parts customization service is available for our customers as well as other brands customer. HE supplies CNC mechanical parts, standard electronic components, and hydraulic/pneumatic components…

after sales service

After Sales Service

Our customers will get lifelong services and one-year free after-sales for the coil feeding equipment. Click to find more about the installation service, on-site training, regular security check, and spare parts repair…

related products supply Coil Machinery Service

Related Products Supply

For better coil machinery service, HE offer related products in low margins, includes safety barrier fence, safety curtains, lubrication unit, scrap choppers, rubber feet, BDC detecter, and quick die change system…

Global Agents Support Coil Machinery Service

Global Agents Support

Gaining competitive advantage requires operations running as stable as possible, and a reliable partner is a key. Whether you’ve been in the industry for decades or just starting, HE-machine is here to help…

Coil Machinery Service FAQ

The following are some FAQs about coil machinery service. To learn more FAQs about HE-machines, click here.

What are your payment terms?2020-10-29T09:55:48+08:00

HE-machine accepts T/T payment and LC at sight.

What’s the package of your coil feeding machines?2020-10-29T09:53:15+08:00

For the coil feeding equipment that go LCL shipping, HE-machine will use plastic films wrap on the equiment, and then fix it into a wooden box.

For the large coil lines that go FCL shipment, HE-machine will fix each part with ropes on the shipping container and then wrapped them with plastic films.

What’s your coil equipment lead time?2020-10-29T09:43:49+08:00

For standard version decoiler, straightener or feeders, it needs 15-20days for manufacturing. But we usually have machines in stock. Please contact with our sales if you need the coil handling equipment urgently.

For compact coil lines or whole metal stamping lines, it needs 35-70 workdays depends on different specifications.

Why the hydraulic pump has been connected but cannot work?2020-07-22T12:01:21+08:00

The possible reason is the main power cable of the hydraulic system has been reversed. If the motor is reversed, the hydraulic station will not work.

Any questions during the decoiler straightener feeder installation, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Why the servo feeder feed the coil material back?2020-07-22T11:57:25+08:00

If the servo feeder machine keeps feeding the steel strip back, please check if the upper roller is released when feeding the material, if yes, please reset the correct feeding angle.

If the feeding angle is reset and works well, but still have the problem, please contact us directly for help.

Do your coil feed machines come with a warranty?2020-07-17T07:17:38+08:00

Yes, our machines come with a 1-year warranty as standard. Also, the warranty time can extend according to specific equipment and customer requirements.

Do you have a coil feed equipment that can do everything?2020-07-17T07:18:28+08:00

We believe that we should choose the most suitable machines after understanding our customers’ application and needs. Some machines are multi-functional, but we don’t always recommend our customers go for the most expensive coil equipment. Sometimes, your applications do not require this. We will discuss the detailed coil feed solution with you and direct you to the best equipment.

Am I able to test your steel leveler machine with my material before purchase?2020-07-17T07:18:24+08:00

Yes, HE-machine provides straightening tests for our customers. Please sent your coil or sheet material to our office, then we’ll send the test videos and the straightening performance report. Know more from our free technical consulting.

What things need to be checked daily for a servo roll feeder machine?2020-07-17T07:15:44+08:00
  1. Check if all the screws parts are in good condition without loose.
  2. Check if the pneumatic tube is ok without leaking.
  3. Check if the water filter is dry, if no, please drain water away.
  4. Make sure the pressure regulator is setting right, we suggest 3 kg/cm2
  5. Lubricate the transmission gears when needed (ISO VG320 ~ VG370)
  6. Make sure the extension wiring is ok.
  7. Check if the feeding rolls are clean, if no, please clean it immediately.
  8. Check the control panel, make sure the switch, light and monitor are in normal conditions.
  9. Make sure the solenoid valve is clean.

For more details about operation and maintenance of servo roll feeder machine, please contact us now.

What will cause the inaccurate feeding of the servo feeder? How to solve?2020-07-22T11:46:16+08:00

Inaccuracy feeding occasionally happens in the metal coil feeding process. Various reasons caused the feeding accuracy problem, HE-machine summarized the leading causes and solutions for the inaccurate feed of NC servo feeder.


The sheet metal coil will always be biased in one direction because of the uneven feed roller pressure, which will cause inaccurate feeding.

What Can Do: If the coil sheet always biased to the left, it means the pressure on the left is too large. At this time, turn the left pressure adjustment nut counterclockwise to reduce the left spring pressure until the material runs back to the correct position, or turn the right pressure adjustment nut clockwise to increase the right side spring pressure.


The soft material is easy to deform will also cause inaccurate feeding, such as copper, aluminum. Excessive pressure on the upper roller may cause elastic material deformation and bias. The coil sheet will sometimes go to the left side and sometimes go to the right side.

What Can Do: Please unplug the lower tube of the release air cylinder and fold it up. If the material is still deformed, please rotate the two pressure adjustment nuts counterclockwise to release the pressure. We must know your coil material kind before produce a servo feeder machine. Please confirm your coil feeding material with our sales before purchasing.


The thickness of the two sides of the material is different, or the article has grinding burrs, which will cause the article always to be biased to one side when feeding.

What Can Do: Adjust the pressure adjustment nut and change the inlet locating wheels to the inlet locating plates. Otherwise, we can only try to replace the materials.


Wrong machine processing or assembly will also cause inaccurate feeding. This problem doesn’t happen in HE-machine servo feeders yet. But if any fault of our servo feeder, please contact us soon to solve the problem in time.

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