HE-machine provides lifelong after sales services for your coil feeding equipment. And the first year service is free of charge. The permanent service includes: technical support, installation, regular maintenance, automated line optimization, and accompanying operational training.

Installation Service

HE-machine provides on-site installation and commissioning of your equipment. And it ensures your automation equipment be put into production as quickly as possible. Our engineers can serve overseas for the coil handling equipment installation. They guide the customer’s operators on-site. Then the commissioning phase will smoothly enter into the mass production phase.

On-site Training

Depending on the actual situation of the metal processing line, our technical engineer will teach your operators. The teaching is about the knowledge that they need to operate your purchased machine. HE-machine on-site training will avoid operational problems that are easy to occur at the beginning of production. The training after sales service will create more value for your employees.

Regular Security Check After Sales Service

The safe production of a company is crucial. During the safety inspection of your coil handling equipment, HE-machine engineer will inspect and repair all safety-related components and consumables on the machine. The security check after sales service will following your national standards and accident prevention regulations.

Spare Parts Repair After Sales Service

HE provides promptly responsive spare parts repair after sales services. When your coil handling equipment fails, our technical assistance can quickly identify the parts that need to be replaced and ensure fast delivery.

Service Time Extend

For our cooperated customers, service time extending is available. We can discuss a suitable after sales service duration, according to your equipment situation. Please discuss this with our salesperson to get more details.

If you’re looking for the service that not listed above, please contact us directly for more details.


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