HE commits to finding the most suitable coil handling solutions for customers most efficiently and economically. So the initial technical consultation is significant to confirm an appropriate solution. HE provides free professional consulting service for all customers, following are some example for your reference.

Project Evaluation and Feasibility Tests

We know that purchasing a new line can be a costly and demanding process. And some material has stringent surface requirements or requires rigorous straightening performance. HE-machine is continuously working to make that task as easy as possible for you.

After understanding your detail requirements of the coil feeding process, HE technical team can carry out the feasibility test for your application. This early-stage test and optimization ensure a perfect fit with customer requirements. The feasibility test is free of charge, contact our sales representative to discuss your application requirements and arrange for a “proof of concept” trial.

Project Evaluation and Feasibility Tests

Problem Finding and Solving

HE provides free technical consulting service, not only for HE customers but also for other brands users.

Please find the initial fault checklist from our Equipment FAQ service. If you’re not sure what the problem is, please contact us directly. If any small faults can be figured out by adjustment, HE will help you find the reason and solution efficiently without any charge. If it needs to repair, HE will provide mechanical part customized and electrical parts purchasing service. If it needs to upgrade or replacement, HE will provide suggestions according to your specific application.

Personal Technical Specialist

Whether purchased directly from our export department or our local agency, HE provides free technical consulting service in the lifetime of the equipment.

Moreover, HE offers free maintenance in the warranty period, no maintenance contract required.

If there is any machine operation questions or any machine damage, please contact us immediately. The personal service specialist will answer all your questions.