If you’re running a successful equipment agency, you know gaining a competitive advantage requires operations running as stable as possible, and a reliable partner is a key. Whether you’ve been in business for decades or just starting, HongEr is here to help.

What can HongEr provide for a regional agent?

Stable Cooperation

With cooperation and win-win business principle, HongEr has gained an excellent commercial reputation in China during these years. And it’s continuing since entering into international market from 2012. We will work closely with you to develop the overall strategy and focus, responsible for training and developing your team.

We believe that continuous development requires the establishment of an alliance-type division of cooperation between manufacturers and merchants.

Technical Support

HongEr provides professional training for our agency for better service in the market, and the engineers can service overseas. HongEr will also gather agencies from different regions to take a regular training course in our factory.

There are many different types of coil feeding equipment suitable for a various production application. We stay firmly communicate with agencies to help for a professional product suggestion.

Price Protection and Rewards

HongEr and our agency will share customer resource in this regional, to help our agency expand the market. We have exclusive rewards policy for our agency, and details will be confirmed before sign the contract.

Marketing Support

HongEr and agency will work closely and discuss the marketing strategy together. Depends on different market promotion strategy, we will help the agency to attend the local exhibition or promote on the local magazines/websites.

What does HongEr require for a regional agency?


HongEr agency should provide services and support to all customers in the target area.

Experience in the industry

You should have a good market relationship in the local area, experienced in the industry and have a certain amount of liquidity and can pay for the purchase.

Ability to sustain long-term relationships

HongEr is looking for long-term cooperation agents. You should have the ability to work on sensitive assignments and handle confidential information appropriately.

For further discussion about our regional agent policy, please contact us directly.