HongEr provides professional suggestions for your coil equipment upgrades or new production line. According to your specific application, HE will offer personalized coil handling solutions with more stable and more reliable functions. No matter if you’re in the industry for decades or new in sheet metal fabrication, HongEr is ready to help to find the most optimization coil feeding system for your application.

What can HE do for you?

Production Upgrading

When the coil material strength upgrades for the production line and the existing coil handling equipment cannot meet the production needs, it will require an update on machine. HongEr can help you figure out how to upgrade coil feeding line.

Space Saving

When your plant adjustment requires the reduction of floor space, HongEr is ready to serve the compact coil feeding line for your upgrade. The conventional coil feeding line may need 10m length space, but HongEr compact coil feed line can reduce the workspace to 3.2m.

Safety Upgrade

When new safety standards implemented in your factory, the old equipment may need to replace for better operational safety. Coil feeding lines from HongEr factory applied the latest safety operation specification and equipped with self-protection circuit.

Cost Saving

Automated coil feeding equipment from HongEr not only saves production time and increases efficiency, but also saves labor costs for the company. And the return on investment calculations is always clear, with payback periods sometimes less than one year.

New Function

As technology evolves, more new features added to the coil feeding equipment. When you need some new functions to add to the production line to improve efficiency and save cost, HongEr team is ready to help you to find the best solutions.

How does HE help?

After knowing your detail requirements, HongEr engineers will provide customized coil handling solutions for your specific application; the following are 2 example case we’ve helped:

Dual palletizing station blanking line

Customer Question: We’re an automotive parts manufacturer, which purchase blanking pieces outside then do stamping process in own press workshop. Now we want to do the blanking process by ourselves, to save cost and better management. How to optimize the production and also saving cost?

HongEr solution: We provided an efficiency blanking solution. This line has Decoiler, Straightener, Feeder, Blanking press, Conveyor, Blanking collector, and Dual palletizer. With an automatic blanking collection device, it achieves non-stop pallet change at an affordable cost. With the limit device, this production line can process different shapes blanking. The capacity of this blanking line is 800-1000ton per year.


Coil feed line for transfer die and progressive die

Customer Question: We need stamping small pieces by progressive dies and also deep drawing parts by transfer dies, is it possible to manufacture both by one line?

HongEr solution: The answer is yes. In this case, we combined two coil handling system: a decoiler straightener feeder serves continuous material to progressive dies; transfer robotics move the part from station to station for transfer dies. It fully utilizes the press machine and saves cost. And when the decoiler straightener feeder works for blanking in the first step, and transfer robotics move pieces to the following station, which can save the depalletizer cost. Another advantage of this line is it can process both coil material and sheet material.