Combined decoiler straightener feeder machine HE GLK4 series is our best seller model in the compact line. It’s widely used in automotive parts stamping, and white goods production line, with multiple functions and high strength version available.


Applicable Material

  • Material Thickness: 0.6 mm – 6.0 mm
  • Coil Wdith: 70mm to 1600mm
  • Coil Weight: 5ton/7ton/10ton/15ton

Feeding Performance

  • Feeding Speed: 0-20m per minute
  • Feeding Accuracy: ±0.1 mm

HE GLK4 Decoiler Straightener Feeder Features

Automatic Coil Threading

It adopts adjustable coil guide rollers and pneumatic coil hold-up arm for smoothly coil threading. The pneumatic swing device prevents coil upwards, and leading material enters into straightening part gently.

Wide Range Material Processing

The compact line HE GLK4 series is capable of handling material thickness from 0.6mm to 6.0mm. It is suitable for a variety kind of automotive parts stamping. The maximum applicable coil width can reach 1800mm.

Back-up Rollers for Precision Straightening

Adopt with back up rollers, HE GLK4 series has back up rollers on the top and bottom of the straightening rollers. These groups of back up rollers will carry the separating force loads to achieve better straightening performance.

Variety control system for option

Mitsubishi, Siemens, and ABB servo control systems are our standard options, and we also provide customized control system service.

Reliable Machine Structure

The main body of the decoiler straightener feeder machine is processed in our CNC workshop. Multiple treatments make it a reliable tool and long-lasting service. Rigid frame providing stable work for progressive metal stamping or laser cutting process.

Workspace Saving and Safety Operation

Compare to the traditional structure; the compact line reduces the workplace from 15m to 5m. And the highly integrated control system is easy to operate and maintain. It provides automatic coil loading, protects operators and saves labor costs.

HE GLK4 Decoiler Straightener Feeder Specification

ModelHE GLK 4-400HE GLK 4-600HE GLK 4-800HE GLK 4-1000HE GLK 4-1300
Mandrel Expansion475-530 mm475-530 mm475-530 mm475-530 mm475-530 mm
Material Thickness0.6-6.0 mm0.6-6.0 mm0.6-6.0 mm0.6-6.0 mm0.6-6.0 mm
Loading Capacity5 ton5 ton7 ton7 ton10 ton
Straightener RollersΦ68 mm * 7Φ68 mm * 7Φ68 mm * 7Φ68 mm * 7Φ68 mm * 7
Feeding RollersΦ88 mm * 2Φ88 mm * 2Φ88 mm * 2Φ88 mm * 2Φ88 mm * 2
Back-up Rollers1 group1 group2 groups2 groups3 groups
Straighten Precision±1.5 mm/m²±1.5 mm/m²±1.5 mm/m²±1.5 mm/m²±1.5 mm/m²
Decoiler Motor2.2 Kw2.2 Kw3.7 Kw3.7 Kw7.5 Kw
Servo Motor5.5 Kw7.5 Kw7.5 Kw11 Kw11 Kw

Straightening Capacity

HE GLK4 Decoiler Straightener Feeder Main Parts

Coil Car 

  • Wear-resistance surface to load heavy-duty type metal coils
  • Movable coil guide baffles prevent narrow coils from dumping
  • Coil car lifting smoothly by hydraulic cylinder
  • Coil car movement drive by hydraulic motor
  • End stops to eliminate slipping of the coil
  • Remote handle control and touch screen control on the decoiler straightener feeder machine body
coil-loading-Decoiler straightener feeder machine


  • Uncoiler mandrel hydraulic expansion, range from 470mm to 530mm
  • Decoiler mandrel rotation in both directions
  • Variable uncoiling speed control with Delta inverter
  • Pneumatic disk brake system
  • Photoelectric sensing loop control
  • Safety decoiling system
  • Pneumatic drive coil guide rollers for reliable coil threading into the straightener
  • Pneumatic type coil support arm for smoothly coil threading process
  • Independent coil hold-down arm and support arm system with a rigid structure
  • A locking device to reduce coil changeover times
  • Decoiler mandrel rotates in both directions

Servo Straightener-Feeder 

  • Pneumatic coil threading assist assembly with pneumatic arm and sandblasted roller
  • Self-centering coil limiting rollers
  • Seven pieces straightener rollers, four over three
  • GCR 15 high-quality material with hardness HRC 60°
  • Bottom gear drive transmission
  • Back up rollers for precision straightening performance
  • Straightening precision 1.5mm/m2
  • Worm gear upper rollers gap adjustment mechanism
  • Pilot release with air cylinder
  • Decoiler straightener feeder machine electric pass line height adjustment +/-100mm for different die height

Control System

  • A single control panel for all units of the line, uncoiling, straightening, feeding
  • Automatic, manual and setup modes provided
  • The emergency stop feature and self-diagnosis system
  • Smart straightening adjustment
  • Variety electric control system brand for decoiler straightener feeder machine option

HE GLK4 Decoiler Straightener Feeder Machine Advanced Options

  • High strength version available
  • Roller type surface coil car for easy coil threading
  • Customized coil outer diameter up to 1800mm
  • Customized loading capacity available
  • Full automatic control, handsfree coil threading
  • Decoiler mandrel expansion range up to 650mm
  • Motorized coil guide rolls adjustment
  • Hydraulic coil hold-down arm
  • Motorized coil hold-down PU wheel
  • Motorized upper rollers adjustment
  • Hydraulic shearing unit to cut material head or tail
customized-Decoiler straightener feeder machine

HE GLK4 Decoiler Straightener Feeder Machine Cases

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