The high strength coil handling system HE GLK-H is designed for metal coil processing is the automotive parts stamping line. It has stable and satisfying performance in uncoiling, leveling, and feeding the auto steels!

coil handling line glk-h decoiler straightener feeder

Coil Handling System HE GLK-H Applicable Material

  • Coil Width: 70mm-1800mm
  • Material Thickness: 0.6mm-9.00mm
  • Coil Weight: 7-15T
  • Material Type: High Strength Steel
  • Yield Strength: ≤600N/mm²
  • Tensile strength: ≤960N/mm²

Coil Handling System HE GLK-H Working Speed

  • 0-16m/min

Main Parts of HE GLK-H Coil Handling System

Coil Car

A coil car is used to smoothly transfer the metal coil to the mandrel of the stock reel. It equipped with baffles on each side, which can effectively prevent the coil from falling when the width of the metal sheet is small.

The coil car has a roll type bearing surface with the wear-resistant treatment. A hydraulic motor drives the coil car to move forward and backward, with the throttle for speed adjustment. And there is a hydraulic cylinder with a pressure valve which can make coil car lifting smoothly.

Uncoiler/Coil Reel

The uncoiler or say coil reel is a supporting and discharging rack, locate the metal coil on the spindle of the uncoiler rack and uncoil strip from the coil. During the uncoiling operation, the spindle will rotate intermittently by the loop control for the strip discharging.

The hold-down arm is a hydraulic drive pressing arm, with motorized PU wheel. The limiting arm is located at the upper left of the uncoiler rack, it has two limiting wheels, the inside wheel is located, the outside wheel can be moved to the two sides of the coil by electric control. After the coil be loaded on the spindle, the outside wheel can behold down by pneumatic cylinder. Limiting wheels have no power and can rotate with any outside force, it is used to locate the coil width, and prevent the metal strip from slipping during the uncoiling process.

coil handling system glk-h

Coil Threading Swing Arm

The swingarm is hydraulic cylinder driven and electric control. With this swing arm, the metal strip can be clamped, and lead the strip from uncoiler to the straightener part smoothly. There are 2pcs of coil inlet rolls support the strip be feed into straightener, they share driven power with straightener part, with gear transmission, and the surface treatment is electric chroming sandblasted.

Straightener Feeder

Servo straightener feeder part will straighten the metal sheet and feed the strip into stamping equipment in setting length and speed.

GLK-H series has support roll groups to avoid sheet bending. All the rolls are made by high carbon chromium bearing steel, the surface is hard chrome grinding treatment, which can reach hardness HRC60 degrees. And the straightening rolls are supported by deep groove ball bearings from NSK.

The straightening value is adjusted by electric control, with setting precision 0.1mm and feeding precision 0.15mm in feeding length less than 500mm.

Coil Tailout Bracket

There are many electroplated hard chrome rollers on the bracket. They help to feed the metal strip from the coil handling system to stamping equipment smoothly.

Coil Handling System HE GLK-H Specification

The high strength coil handling system is customized equipment. Please contact us to get a specification paper. Read more from Full Functional High Strength Coil Handling Solution.

Coil Handling System HE GLK-H Cases

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