Today, there are at least five press-feed challenges plaguing stamping manufacturers. There is always pressure to increase productivity, but speed cannot come at the expense of quality. Customer requirements for zero defects equate to tighter quality control. Today’s press feed equipment has been developed to help presses meet these challenges. I will explain how introducing new feeder capabilities can help punch presses meet these challenges head-on.

1. Labor Shortage: Easier To Operate

HE Press Equipment’s PLC has several advanced features designed to reduce the time required to use the feeder significantly.

A user-friendly HMI guides the operator through the logical setup process. The intuitive main menu shows them through machine-specific control screens by selecting the parts of the machine they want to operate. At the same time, the touch screen makes it easy to enter machine setting information.

press equipment

2. High-strength Steel Processing: Stronger Devices

HE Press Equipment designed the Heavy Duty (HS-A) Steel Straightener to increase speed and accuracy and reduce operating costs while being more robust and capable of handling thicker materials.

Modular design for ease of maintenance and flexibility in reconfiguring machine options.

high strength steel straightening

3. Flexibility requirements: Traversing Feed

This capability provides the versatility to feed the material into the press machine with a simultaneous X-Y movement.

It can optimize metal material utilization and is specially designed for blanking lines and multi-stage stamping press feeding. It’s easy to operate and has high automation performance.

>> HE Zigzag feed line; The whole coil line can make a horizontal movement pattern to feed the metal strip to the stamping press for staggered part production.

zigzag coil feeding line

4. Security Requirements: Enhanced Security Features

HE GLK3 Compact press feeding line customized with coil changeover trolley for coil uploading automatically

HE coil feeding system with coil turnover coil car, the coil loading is easier and safer.

Also, the whole coil line uses international brand electric parts of the control system for easy maintenance and safety operation.

compact press coil feeding line with coil changeover

5. Space Constraints: Save Space

HE MACHINE offers the Compact line. GLK series is a highly integrated controlled coil feeding system. It combines a decoiler, straightener, and feeder parts.

With a servo control system and precision rollers, combined worm gear upper roller adjustment, it achieves a high precision performance in safety pressroom automation.

It can handle a variety kind of metal materials such as cold-rolled steel, hot-rolled steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc.

compact decoiler straightener feeder

GLK2-1000GF electric leveling adjustment and Siemens control