Development of auto part stamping

The development trend of the automobile industry will be better fuel economy. Meanwhile, with the emergence of new electric vehicles, the automotive industry has begun to lighten its weight. As a result, the auto parts stamping industry is also gradually turning to high-strength materials. For example, there are high-strength steel (AHSS), high-strength aluminum alloys, and new special metals to withstand more heat and impact.

auto parts stamping

Auto parts stamping line

The first thing to determine is the force (tonnage) required to form the high-strength material. Then the process of producing the parts (the press and the die finally stamp the high-strength coil).

For a stamping production line for auto parts, the machines in the line should have the ability to handle high tension materials. The higher stresses that these high-strength materials place on the machine’s components.
Usually, the high-strength auto parts production line consists of the following equipment:

  1. Combination of decoiler-leveler-feeder
  2. Press Machine
  3. Auto parts stamping mold
coil feeding for auto parts stamping

HE-machine coil feeding system

HongEr 3 in 1 decoiler-straightener-feeder combo feeding system GLK-H is using to feed the high-strength material to the press machine in the auto parts stamping line.
The GLK-H can handle the material with yield strength ≤600N/MM2 and tensile strength ≤960N/MM2.
GLK-H coil feeding system is controlled by the PLC and can be connected to the press machine to achieve a high synchronization. In addition, the integrated machine structure can significantly save space.

decoiler straightener feeder