Combo Uncoiler Straightener Machine For Metal Progressive Stamping Line

If you have a plan to increase a new metal progressive stamping line or want to upgrade your current stamping line, how to save cost and make our investment valuable under this special economic situation? It is very difficult for us to expand new business during these two years and the production capacity has been reduced due to Covid-19.

So if our budget is limited to purchasing a 3 in 1 coil feeder machine, do we have another choice?
Of course, we could use 2 in 1 uncoiler straightener and servo roll feeder machine instead of 3 in 1 coil feeder.

Compact with 3 in 1 coil feeding line, decoiler straightener machine compact with RNC servo feeder is not so convenient for operation. Because the decoiler straightener is not controlled by the PLC system. And the worker has to help to inlet the metal coil head into the servo feeder machine for the first step.

Below is our metal stamping equipment (GL-H combo uncoiler and RNC-H servo feeder) delivered to Italy for the automotive progressive stamping line:

2 in 1 uncoiler straightener
servo roll feeder

How to Install Such Compact Coil Feeding Line?

It is not difficult to install our GL-H decoiler straightener and RNC servo feeder at your plant. The important is to find the right wire connector to make the servo feeder and press machine synchronized. We will offer you a manual to guide installation as well.

What Coil Specifications Are These Compact Coil Feeding Line Suitable for?

  1. Coil width: max 1000mm
  2. Coil thickness: 0.5-4.5mm / 0.6-6.0mm
  3. Coil weight: 3,000kgs to 10,000kgs

Above is the standard configuration of our GL-H combo uncoiler straightener machine. We could customize for you if any special requirement is needed.

Except for this compact coil feeding system, we also have a dividing decoiler, straightener, and feeder machine to build a progressive stamping line. Totally, HE machine will offer the best suitable solution to you without any doubt.