In the competitive landscape of high-speed stamping, our Canadian client faced the challenge of elevating their production capabilities. The demand for precision and efficiency led them to our doorstep, seeking a tailored solution to revolutionize their operations.


With a pressing need for increased efficiency in their high-speed stamping line, our client required a solution that could handle multiple coils simultaneously, ensuring rapid material handling and precise feeding.


Our engineering prowess presented the DBMT-200 Dual Head Uncoiler—a game-changer. Its specifications aligned seamlessly with the client’s requirements, offering dual-head efficiency, precise unwinding, and adaptive speed control.

Technical Specifications

  • Material Width: 200mm
  • Material Thickness: 0.1mm – 2.0mm
  • Max Outer Diameter: φ1200mm
  • Material Inner Diameter: φ380mm – φ450mm
  • Material Weight: 1000kg (each side)
  • Motor: Motorized
  • Inverter: With
  • Pressing Arm: Without
  • Mandrel Expansion: Manual Expansion


The installation of the DBMT-200 was swift, seamlessly integrating into the client’s existing high-speed stamping line. Our team provided comprehensive training, ensuring a smooth transition and maximum utilization of the machine’s capabilities.

DBMT-200 Dual Head Decoiler Transforms High-Speed Stamping Lines in Canada

DBMT-200 Picture 1

DBMT-200 Dual Head Decoiler Transforms High-Speed Stamping Lines in Canada

DBMT-200 Picture 2

Benefits Realized

  1. Dramatic Efficiency Gains: The dual-head configuration slashed downtime, resulting in a remarkable increase in overall production output.
  2. Precision Unwinding: Advanced sensors and controls ensured precise material feeding, surpassing quality standards.
  3. Cost Savings: The adaptive speed control not only enhanced performance but also contributed to energy efficiency, translating into substantial cost savings over time.


Since the implementation of the DBMT-200, our client achieved these outstanding results within a short timeframe, validating the immediate impact of our tailored solution.


The DBMT-200 Dual Head Uncoiler stands as a testament to our commitment to transforming manufacturing processes. In collaboration with our Canadian client, we navigated the challenges of high-speed stamping, delivering not just a machine but a catalyst for unparalleled efficiency. This success story reinforces our position as leaders in providing innovative solutions that propel our clients towards excellence.

As a professional coil handling equipment manufacturer, HE-machine take pride in crafting solutions that go beyond expectations, delivering tangible results that resonate with our clients.

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