Uncoiler is a special equipment for sheet metal handling, used for leveling line or metal stamping line of metal coil sheet. Suitable for machinery, vehicles, metal products, household appliances, steel structures, decoration, and other industries.
Honger Machine has several decoilers to choose from, including ordinary decoilers, heavy-duty decoilers, light decoilers, and flat decoilers.

HE Horizontal Uncoiler Machine

The flat decoiler machine is suitable for thin and narrow materials. It is usually used for high-speed metal stamping lines with high-speed feeders and presses.
As we all know, high-speed stamping lines are generally used for thin hardware parts stamping, with high output requirements, such as eyelets, buttons, terminals, etc.
The configuration of a standard high-speed metal stamping production line is as follows:
Flat decoiler + high-speed coil feeder + high-speed press machine
Honger Machine has three flat decoiler for choice: FU-1000, FU-1500, FU-2000. In addition to these three standard models, we can also customize them according to customer requirements.

HE FU-2000 Horizontal Uncoiler Delivered To Canada

FU-2000 Specification:
1, Max width of metal coil: 150mm
2, Thickness of metal coil: 0.1-1.2mm
3, Weight of metal coil: 2000kg
4, Max OD of metal coil: 1200mm
5, Height of metal coil: 600mm

FU-2000 Function:
It is equipped with a high-speed coil feeder to build a fast metal stamping line. FU-2000 flat decoiler machine is powered and driven by a motor. With frequency conversion, the speed is adjustable.

pallet decoiler machine

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