This is a horizontal high-speed uncoiling production line, soon to be delivered to our customer in Egypt. It is designed to work in conjunction with the RC-25 press,achieving high-speed stamping for metal bars with a thickness of 0.045mm.


The horizontal uncoiler(or called pallet decoiler) excels in handling small inner diameters and uncoiling thin materials, particularly in applications like terminal stamping, metal buttons, and small electrical parts stamping lines.

The production line incorporates the FU-1000 pallet decoiler, featuring a concise circular chassis design that can stack four coils with a width of 150mm. Equipped with a frequency converter for speed control. It ensures a smooth and orderly supply of metal coils to subsequent stamping equipment, a crucial aspect for high-speed stamping lines to effectively reduce downtime.

Furthermore, the FU-1000 horizontal uncoiler includes an adjustable mechanism, providing flexibility to accommodate coils of different specifications and sizes, catering to the diverse product handling requirements in terminal stamping lines.

High-Speed Metal Bars Stamping Line

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To meet the demands of material characteristics and production processes, we have designed the RF-105NS feeder to assist in feeding coils into the stamping press.

The mechanical roller feeder is particularly suitable for short-distance feeding in high-speed stamping production lines, offering stable performance and cost savings.

High-Speed Metal Bars Stamping Line

High-Speed Metal Bars Stamping Line Picture

High-Speed Metal Bars Stamping Line

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Paired with high-quality coil feeding equipment, HE-MACHINE not only delivers reliable low-tonnage stamping machines and molds but also provides turnkey solutions for stamping production lines.

If you have more questions or requirements regarding new factory planning and equipment upgrades, please contact us immediately. We look forward to collaborating with you.

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