high speed metal stamping line

Last week, our high-speed press machine RC-25 with decoiler MT-200 and high precision straightener HS-A1-1 were shipped to our regular customer in India. The customer is the manufacturer of electrical components in India. They need a new high-speed stamping production line for their new production line.

High Speed Stamping with Mechanical Feeder

According to the customer’s requests, the high-speed press RC-25 is customized for SIEMENS PLC and touchscreen for more intuitive and easy operation.

The high-speed press RC-25 is highly precise and widely used for precision stamping and high-speed stamping for electrical parts, eyelets, connectors, washers, and terminals stamping at a maximum speed of 800 SPM.

high speed stamp press

Coil Decoiling  

As the coil the customer used is smaller and thin, the MT-200 is designed for decoiling the coil width max. 200mm, thickness 0.1-2.0mm, and inner diameter 380mm-420mm, with loading capacity max. 600kgs.

The MT-200 can rotate clockwise and counterclockwise for uncoiling and rewinding, and the loop sensor arm can control the uncoiling speed, as it stops when the strip touches the arm and restarts when the strip departs.

decoiler machine

Coil Straightening 

Our high-precision straightener HS-A1-1 is specially designed for leveling the coil for the electrical parts stamping line.

The HS-A1-1 is for handling the coil width max. 100mm and thickness 0.2-2.0mm, for the material stainless steel, aluminum, copper and etc. that are normally used in the electrical parts.

coil straightener

With more than 15 years of experience in the manufacture of coil decoiler, straightener, and feeder machines, we have the high capability to offer the turn-key solution of the metal stamping line according to customers’ demands. In addition, our coiling feeding line can also be used for laser cutting, blanking, and forming lines.

If you have any needs or need any support for your metal parts production project, please contact us.