Many plants are using single-stage press machines for flange producing currently. Some of them are facing upgrades for flange stamping lines due to increased production capacity. Today we are writing this article to introduce an automatic flange stamping line.

As we know, automatic stamping lines need to be equipped with a progressive die, which is an upgraded technical compared with a single die. Thanks to the progressive die, we could save labor costs and increase production capacity quickly.

Well, what kind of equipment will help the progressive die run successfully?

An Automatic Stamping Line Of Flange

An uncoiler, straightener, coil feeder, and press machine is necessary to build an automatic flange producing line.
HE has many types of uncoiler straighteners and feeders for choice. Then how do choose the suitable equipment?

HE always gives solutions on considering of client’s actual requirements. These two years, the global economy is coming down because of COVID. Some of our clients would like to build an economical producing line to save cost. Based on this point, we will recommend our GO series combo uncoiler straightener in this article.

Flange Stamping

The full flange producing line is:
GO combo uncoiler straightener + RNC servo coil feeder + APA press machine + progressive die

GO Combo Uncoiler Straightener


GO is the basic series of combo uncoiler straightener machines in HE. However, if you’d like to have an upgraded type, we have GL uncoiler straightener for your choice!

GO has the function of uncoiling and straightening automatically. Moreover, it can be equipped with a coil feeder machine to realize auto feeding in a metal stamping line.

  • Coil width: 200-600mm
  • Coil thickness: 0.4-2.2mm
  • Coil weight: 2000kg

RNC Servo Feeder Machine

Servo coil feeder machines often are chosen to build metal cold stamping lines with uncoiler and straightener machines. It is driven by a servo motor and controlled by a PLC program. It has a memory function to keep data of feeding pitch, feeding times, and feeding speed.

  • Coil width: 200-1300mm
  • Coil thickness: 0.3-3.2mm
  • Feeding speed: 16m/min
  • Feeding pitch: 9999.99mm
máquina servo alimentadora

Customer Case

Flange Stamping

We’ve designed progressive die of flange for South American clients before. So to build an economic flange stamping line, we could share one press machine for several sizes of the flange. What is more, if the flange diameter and thickness are the same, we need to share one progressive die with different inserts.

Welcome to send us drawings to get a precision flange-producing solution!