Blanking Line from HE

The blanking line is sending straightened metal plates to the subsequent metal working stations. Photo right is one of our blanking lines in assembly, which will be running in Portugal.

The metal coil goes through coil trolley, decoiler, straightener, loop bridge, servo feeder, cut to length shear, and conveyor. Following are each parts description:

blanking line

Blanking Line: Coil loading & Decoiling

The metal coil will be load on the coil trolley first. The maximum coil weight reaches 7000kgs. It has a hydraulic cylinder to drive the coil trolley to lift the coil smoothly, ensuring the safe coil load operation.

After the decoiler shaft loads coil, it can start the decoiling process. It has variable speed control, and the decoiler machine detects the material loop to start or stop rotation.

The maximum coil width reaches 1200mm, and the coil outer diameter reaches 1600mm. The coil hold-down arms and coil keepers are motorized operations with electrical adjustment by touch screen. SMC air cylinder drive, the coil hold-down arm adds pressure on the coil surface to prevent coil spending, and the coil keepers locate the coil sides from displacement.

The double side decoiler structure helps for the quick coil change, which improves production efficiency. And it has a hydraulic lock for decoiler side switching, which is a high safety operation level.

double sided coil reel
double side decoiler
double decoiler machine in blanking line

Blanking Line: Coil straightening

After the metal strip forms a loop, the decoiler will send it to the next work station in the blanking line, which is the coil leveling.

There is a metal clamping device at the beginning of the straightener part. It clamps the head of a metal strip and achieves loop formation between the decoiler and straightener part.
And the coil inlet rollers and outlet rollers are all rubber coated to prevents the metal strip from scratching.

The straightener machine has a powerful SEW-EURODRIVE motor for leveling. With bottom gear drive, the straightening rollers are six over five structures, in diameter 68mm. The straightening rollers are carbon chroming bearing steel GCr15, with hardness HRC 60±2 for strength leveling and long-term service. There are two SMC air cylinders to pressure the upper rollers from two sides, with turbine worm gear for the roller gap distance change, through Electrical adjustment by touch screen operation panel.

Moreover, the straightener part is an openable structure. For some material that easily leaves scratches and requires high flatness performance, it’s essential to clean the straightening part regularly. And this straightener part structure can be open up for easy cleaning and regular maintenance.

Unlike the conventional coil feeding line, the straightener part has variable speed control with Siemens’s inverter.

coil threading support device
rubber coated coil inlet rollers
leveling machine strcuture

Blanking Line: Loop bridge & Feeding

When the strips achieve a high flatness, it sends to the loop bridge for a buffer zone.
The rollers on the automatic loop control bridge are all rubber coated to protect the material from scratch.
There is a servo roller feeder machine at the end of the loop bridge to feed the strip into the next workstation. The rollers are one over one, with a diameter φ84mm. The upper roller is also covered with rubber to prevent traces of stress.

loop bridge in blanking line
servo feeder in blanking line
cut to length shear in blanking line

Blanking Line: Shearing & Conveying

The servo feeder feeds the metal coil to a cut to length shear. It’s a hydraulic shear with adjustment scissors for different material thicknesses from 0.4mm to 4.0mm. After the hydraulic shear cut the metal strip into desired length metal plates, a conveyor will deliver them to the next work station. The roller conveyor has an adjustable length to fit different parts production lines.

Flexible coil handling solutions

Now the blanking line completes its work process. This blanking line can process comprehensive range operations, applicable metal coil from 0.4mm to 4.0mm thickness, and width from 60mm to 1200mm. More important, it has a high synchronization between each workstation, which achieves stable working performance. Integrated with Siemens control system, it’s a high-level industrial automation line, which is easy operation and reduced operational costs. Furthermore, HE-machine offers flexible coil feeding solutions according to customer’s specific needs. Please get in touch with us if you need any assistance with the coil handling lines.

Blanking Line Video