The oil filter removes residue from the engine oil, and it helps to supply the engine with clean oil and protects the engine damage.

It is a production line that pressing MANN+HUMMEL Oil filter covers. It combines a zigzag coil feeding line and two-axis transfers for the material handling and processes both circle blanking and deep drawing in a transfer press.

Manufacturing steps

1. Metal coil uncoiling and straightening
This line applies HE coil handling equipment for metal coil uncoiling and straightening. It uses a combined decoiler straightener structure, achieves the synchronous control between uncoiling and straightening, and also save workspace.

2. Circle blanking, with zigzag coil feeding
A HE zigzag coil feeder is mounted on the press front to delivery metal strip to circle blanking station. Zigzag type coil feeder is perfect for circle blanking with high efficiency and low material waste.

3. Deep drawing and flanging process, with two-axis transfers
After the metal strip blanks into circle pieces, the two-axis transfers grip the circle pieces, slide it forward to the next station of the deep-drawing process. A circle blank is radially drawn into a forming die by the mechanical action of a punch.

4. Conveyor
When the deep-drawing process is ok, the oil filter cover will drop to the conveyor belt and enter into the inspection station.

Equipment Configuration

  • Decoiler Straightener Machine
  • Zigzag Coil Feeder
  • Two-axis Transfers
  • Press Machine
  • Conveyor

HongEr provides flexible coil handling systems for different stamping applications.

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