Project Introduction

In the global industrial machinery sector, our MT-200F hydraulic decoiling machine has become the preferred choice for our Canadian clients, bringing greater convenience to their metal processing industry. This machine, with its high efficiency and advanced technology, meets the Canadian clients’ demand for high-precision metal processing.

Product Content

In response to the specific needs of our clients for a decoiling machine, our MT-200F hydraulic decoiling machine is not only capable of handling materials weighing at least 500 kilograms but can also operate stably at a speed of 16 meters per minute. It is suitable for a variety of material sizes, with coil width ranging from 508mm to 1200mm and material thickness covering a broad range from 0.2mm to 4.5mm. The MT-200F hydraulic decoiling machine utilizes advanced techniques to process a multitude of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, and copper. Additionally, the machine is equipped with a pneumatic pressure arm featuring PU wheels to apply pressure to the coil surface, ensuring the stability of the coil during processing and preventing it from unraveling, thus guaranteeing the continuity and integrity of the material processing.

Company Services

Our services extend far beyond providing a high-performance decoiling machine.

Customized Solutions:We offer tailored machine configurations based on the specific needs of our Canadian clients.

Technical Support:We dispatch seasoned engineers to Canada to ensure smooth installation, commissioning, and operation of the machine.

Training Services:We provide professional training for the client’s operators to ensure proficiency in using the MT-200F decoiling machine.

After-Sales Service:We offer ongoing technical support and prompt after-sales service to ensure our clients have no worries during the usage process.

Case Results

Through the professional services of our team and the outstanding performance of the MT-200F decoiling machine, our Canadian client has successfully enhanced the efficiency and product quality of their production line. Our machine has helped the client achieve precise decoiling of materials, significantly improving production speed and processing accuracy, earning the client’s high praise.