We can use simple coil feeding machines for press feeding for small coils and materials with low stamping speeds.

This week, our two sets of light decoiler CR-200, one set of decoiler HS-B1-1, and high precision straightener HS-A1-1 will be delivered to our customer. This customer is the manufacturer of small metal parts and electronic parts.

The light decoiler CR-200 is used for decoiling the coil strip max. Width 200mm, and thickness 0.1-2.0mm, with the loading capacity max. 150kg.

The decoiler CR-200 is specially designed for uncoiling the small coil, and its expansion range is from 200mm-300mm, and for coil outer diameter max. 800mm. There is a touch sensor to control the start and stop of the mandrel. When the strip touches the sensor, the mandrel stop and leaves it the mandrel move.

light decoiler
light decoiler and converntional straightener machine

The straightener HS-B is a widely used straightener type. We can use it for straightening the coil strip max. width 100mm, and thickness 0.3mm-2.0mm.

It often works with the decoiler MT and light decoiler CR for feeding the coil in the small metal parts stamping line. It is with 4 points screw and spring for straightening adjustment and is easy to operate. A touch sensor also controls the straightening speed.

The high precision straightener HS-A1 is designed for straightening the metal strip with high accuracy and is usually used for the electronic parts stamping line.

It can handle the stainless steel material, and the straightening precision can reach 100mm*100mm, ≤0.15mm. The straightening value can be shown on the four dials with four upper worm gears to adjust the straightening rollers.

precision straightener machine

We HongEr Machine specialized in offering coil feeding solutions for various metal stamping lines. For any requests, please get in touch with us.