Success Story GLK4-800 3 in 1 Machine’s Advantages in Automotive Parts Manufacturing

In the automotive parts industry, efficient line equipment is the key to staying competitive. A compact combination of unwind and straighten feeders, the GLK4 series, has become the preferred choice for many processors, especially the GLK4-800 version with oil feeder and hydraulic shear. We have recently successfully supplied this machine to an automotive parts processing plant in Canada. Below is their case study:

Client Background

Our client is a Canadian plant focused primarily on the production of automotive components. In order to meet the growing market demand, they sought a solution to improve the efficiency of their production line. They required a compact, multifunctional machine that could take up little space on the shop floor while ensuring high quality and efficient production.


The main challenges for this factory were space constraints and productivity. They needed a machine that could simultaneously unwind, straighten and feed coils of different sizes and thicknesses. Also, due to the nature of the production, they needed equipment that could work consistently at high speeds to ensure high quality output.

The solution

We recommended the GLK4-800 model from the GLK4 series, equipped with a feeder and hydraulic shears. This machine combines the functions of decoiler, straightener and feeder, integrating the functions of all three machines in a single unit, resulting in significant savings in working space. At the same time, its multiple functions and high-strength versions ensure a flexible response to different production requirements. In addition, the GLK4-800 perfectly meets the customer’s demand for efficient production with its stable performance and high-speed working capability.

Advantages of the 3-in-1

The GLK4-800, a 3-in-1 uncoiler straightener feeder machine, provided the perfect solution. This innovative machine combines three functions into one, optimizing space utilization and reducing the need for multiple machines. But what truly sets the 3-in-1 apart from the rest?

  1. Precise Coil Handling and Processing: The GLK4-800 model boasts a heart expansion range of 475-530mm, allowing for versatility in handling a wide array of coil sizes. With a material thickness capability spanning from 0.6mm to 6.0mm, this feeder machine is adept at managing various materials encountered in automotive parts manufacturing and diverse stamping operations. Equipped with 7 straightening rollers and 2 feeding rollers, alongside two supporting roller groups, it ensures optimal precision in material straightening and feeding.
  2. Robust Structure and High Precision: Featuring a high degree of accuracy, the GLK4-800 incorporates 7 straightening rollers and 2 feeding rollers, maintaining a straightening precision of 1.5mm per square meter. This precision is essential for achieving high-quality end products and meeting stringent manufacturing requirements.
  3. Powerful and Efficient Motor Configuration: Driven by a 3.7-watt uncoiler motor and a robust 7.5-kilowatt servo motor, this feeder machine delivers the power and control necessary to handle various materials with ease, ensuring a smooth and efficient production process.
  4. Optimized Design for Space and Performance: This model is designed to optimize space utilization within a manufacturing facility. Its efficient design reduces the required workspace, enhancing operational flexibility without compromising on performance.

The GLK4-800 Coil Feeder Machine stands as a testament to precision engineering and adaptability. It ensures the seamless handling of various coil sizes and materials, catering to the stringent demands of modern industrial processes, making it a prime choice for those seeking high-precision and efficient coil feeding solutions.


By utilizing the GLK4-800, this Canadian automotive parts plant has significantly increased the efficiency and productivity of their production line. They have saved valuable shop floor space while getting a higher quality finished product. The machine’s stability and high-speed operation allows them to fulfill orders faster, increase customer satisfaction and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Bellow is the 3 in 1 machine picture:

Success Story GLK4-800 3 in 1 Machine’s Advantages in Automotive Parts Manufacturing

Detail picture 1

Success Story GLK4-800 3 in 1 Machine’s Advantages in Automotive Parts Manufacturing

Detail picture 2


The Combined Uncoiler and Straightener Feeder of the GLK4 series is a compact and highly efficient solution for factories that need to optimize space and increase productivity. This machine not only meets the needs of our customers, but also brings significant results to their business.

At HE-machine, we’re committed to offering innovative solutions that redefine efficiency and precision in the manufacturing industry. We understand the challenges our clients face and are dedicated to providing cutting-edge machinery that improves production, saves space, and reduces operational costs.

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