HE-machine supplies three types of high-speed mechanical feeder machines. There are mechanical roller feeders, mechanical gripper feeders, mechanical gear feeders.

Alimentador mecánico de rodillos

A mechanical roller feeder is a conventional coil feeder powered by the press machine. It doesn’t need electricity or air supply, which is energy-saving and low costing. You may need some time to install a roller feeder. But when it starts work, it always performs excellent, with high precision, super low failure rate, and very few maintenances.


Gripper Feeder Mechanical

Unlike the mechanical roller feeder, the gripper feeder uses a linear motion to move the metal strip. It has two clamps powered by an air cylinder to move forward and returns. We also provide a servo-drive gripper feeder machine. It makes no noise and will not be left any mark on the material. So it’s perfect for sensitive surface strips, such as aluminum, stainless steel, and a wide range of secondary processing material.

  • gripper-feeder
  • inner-of-gripper-feeder

Gear Feeder

The gear feeder is a specially designed press feeder for the electrical steel stamping process. It’s a cam drive feeder and changes different gears to adjust the feeding length. Unlike the 500SPM high-speed servo feeder at a high cost, the gear feeder is affordable for high-speed lamination stamping.

  • high-speed-cam-feeder

The following table is a comparison of the different types of the mechanical feeder from HE-machine.

TypesRoller feederGripper feederGear feeder
Material thickness0.1-3.5 mm0.1-1.5 mm0.1-1.6 mm
Coil width≤400 mm≤90 mm≤300 mm
Materials that can be processedCopper, brass, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steelElectroplating steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper,  secondary processingElectrical steel (lamination steel, silicon electrical steel, silicon steel)
Feeding speedMax. 600 SPMMax. 1200 SPMMax. 500 SPM
Feeding precision±0.05mm(up to ±0.01mm with guide pin)±0.05mm±0.05mm
AplicacionesSmall steel parts, metal buttons stampingTerminals stamping, small clips stampingMotor stator and rotor stamping, EI steel

Didn’t find a suitable press feeder spec for your material? Or any further questions? Come to talk with our engineer to find the best alimentador de bobina for your production line!